Real Estate Video

Video content has grown immensely in the last few years and is quickly becoming an indispensable marketing tool for businesses everywhere.

In real estate, the ability to stand out through high-quality, engaging visuals has proven to facilitate communication with buyers and sellers on a level simple listings cannot. In turn, this key listing tool generates tremendous value while growing an agent’s sphere of influence. With my professional equipment and years of visual storytelling experience, I’m able to create custom video content specifically tailored to you and your listing.

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What I Offer

Justin Jung is an independently owned photo and video production company. I specialize in working with the client to develop and create projects with a clear creative direction for your campaign. Everything from concept creation, to directing, shooting, and editing.

Whether your project scale is large or small, we can cater to your project. If you have a larger scale project, I have a strong network of other creative professionals that I trust and work with repeatedly. The content I create for you will inspire audiences through creative storytelling, strong cinematic visuals, and a critical eye to overall quality.


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