New Years Road Trip

California to Canada

First stop

Lava Beds National Monument

Leaving Huntington Beach, CA at 11:30 P.M. and making a nonstop drive to Redding CA was the best way we could have started off our road trip. We arrived in Redding just before 8am just in time for sunrise at the Sun Dial Bridge. The bridge was still frosted over from the cold night before making it extremely slippery. We were running and sliding down the bridge trying to warm up and loosen the legs. We grabbed some breakfast in town at a local cafe diner then were on our way to get a lake view of Mount Shasta. Arriving to Lake Siskiyou we were greeted with an amazing view of the top of Mount Shasta fully covered in snow.

We jumped back in the car to drive a few more hours to Lava Beds National Monument. This National Monument is truly underrated and deserves the National Park Title in my opinion! After you check in at the visitor desk, you’re cleared to go lava tube exploring. I highly recommend bringing a flash light as your cellphone won’t help much. The brighter your flashlight, the better opportunity you have for taking crisper images. If you’ve thought about visiting, definitely add it to your list!

Snow Covered

Crater Lake National Park

We found a random motel for the night near the CA / Oregon border in Klamath falls. Very cheap for the night, and an interesting, and quaint town. We had a neighbor in the motels who’s dog kept trying to break into our door, but other than that it was cozy. We left around 5am to catch the sunrise at Crater Lake.

Crater lake was everything I expected it to be. There was no one around at this hour and all you could hear was water in the lake below, and the wind blowing, that’s it. After spending a few hours here, we made our way North towards Olympic National Park to visit the Hoh Rain Forest.


Olympic National Park

Hoh Rainforest

The Hoh Rainforest is an incredible location. This was my 2nd time visiting the national park on a road trip. I visited previously during the fall, so seeing it during winter was completely different. I loved the way the snow contrasted with the green moss, it was somewhat an eerie snow dream. As cool as it was to experience this place in the fall, during the winter gives it a whole new aesthetic. I still prefer the look in the late summer/fall because everything is so green, damp, and foggy, but visiting this winter wonderland was still incredible.

Canada Road Trip
Canada Road Trip

Crossing the Border

Ferry to Victoria Canada

The next morning, we woke early to catch our ferry from Port Angeles to Victoria Canada. The sunrise was incredible and felt like it lasted for hours. Being the winter months, and going further north you are gifted with these long golden hours that pretty much last the whole day except a few hours at lunch. We stopped along the way to visit the Cathedral Grove forest. It was similar to the Hoh Rain Forest, but much denser. After Driving for a few more hours we finally made it to our final destination, Tofino!

The End Of The Road

Tofino, CA

I’ve been to Tofino numerous times in the summer for the Rip Curl Pro Tofino, but this was my first winter excursion. Snow was covering the nearby mountains, the waves were pumping, the days were much shorter compared to the 12+ daylight hours during the summer months. Once we were settled in we went and surfed Cox Bay, and Long Beach area, and even visited the local Tofino Hot Springs. In all this was a trip for the memory book.

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